Fine-Art Photography - John William Brown
42B Federal Street - Newburyport, Ma

All Spirit of Newburyport Designs are available as signed and numbered Giclee prints.

What is a Giclee print?

Giclée is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. The word "giclée" is derived from the French language word "le gicleur" meaning "nozzle", or more specifically "gicler" meaning "to squirt, spurt, or spray". It was coined in 1991 by Jack Duganne, a printmaker working in the field, to represent any inkjet-based digital print used as fine art. The intent of that name was to distinguish commonly known industrial "Iris proofs" from the type of fine art prints artists were producing on those same types of printers. The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on Iris printers in a process invented in the early 1990s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.

For more information see 'Giclee Prints'.


Newburyport Harbor - 2010

Newburyport Harbor 2007

Newburyport Harbor - Sunrise 2012

Newburyport Boardwalk 2009

Autumn Boardwalk 2012
         Market Square Harvest 2006

Market Square Summer 2007

                                                                          Market Square Autumn 2009

                                                                     Market Square Christmas 2007

                                                                      Market Square Christmas 2014

Market Square Christmas 2006