Fine-Art Photography - John William Brown
32 Water Street - Newburyport, Ma

Spirit of Newburyport Gallery

Spirit of Newburyport Gallery

Spirit of Newburyport Gallery

Spirit of Newburyport Blog
Special Announcement Regarding;
2016 Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival
and other major announcements soon!
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Brand New! Newburyport Harbor 2016
Orders Now Available

Click here for all Images of the
Newburyport Harbor Mural Series;
Details on Special Inn Street
Artisans Revival/Brown's Wharf Mural Exhibit
July 29th-August 12th Coming soon!

John William Brown began featuring Tall Ship visits to Newburyport in his photographic fine art renditions in 2006, and created the first of his 'Newburyport Boardwalk Summer' series with the 'Friendship' out of Salem. The series continued in 2012 with the H.M.S. Bounty. The tradition continues in June's Artwalk featuring the latest 2016 visits of the El Galeon and the Lynx, completing now a decade old series of work. 

Brand New! Board Walk El Galeon
Artwalk Special Feature - Decade of Newburyport Tall Ships - June 18th, 2016

Newburyport Boardwalk Tall Ship Series
Available Memorial Day weekend

Please watch for the official launch 
of our new GoFundME campaign

to support the new Gallery and Kiosk!
2006-2016 - Celebrating Ten Years!

Spirit of Newburyport 
Inn Street Kiosk - 7th Season!
1 inn Street - Newburyport, MA
May 25th- December 31st 2016  

Gallery Studio - Open Year Round!
32 Water Street - Newburyport, MA

New Designs, Products and Exhibits

Please contact the studio 
for more information, and/or appointment @
978-417-1987 or write

Spirit of Newburyport
Where it all began...

Seasonal Feature's

Newburyport Harbor 2015 

Plum Island Salt Marsh - 2015 

Inn Street Christmas 2006 - Brand New!

Newburyport Harbor Sunset - 2014

Plum Island rainbow 2014

Complete line of gift products
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favorite Newburyporter!
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Introducing ; My Town Gallery
for all your favorite 'Spirit of New England' Designs

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"Vision for an Inn Street Artisan Market
and Merchant Community Garden"
More information to be posted shortly. 
Please stay tuned

Also see a 2006 Presentation; 
'Newburyport; A Contemporary Perspective'
at the Newburyport Library.

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Introduction to the Spirit of Newburyport Studio
See Also; Business Plan Overview


Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Cable
T.V Commercial
Featuring 'Market Square Summer'
and 'Cushings Wharf'

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