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The Essex Street Inn - Newburyport

" target="_blank">"/>The Spirit of Newburyport was pleased to announce that it's collection has been commisioned by the Essex Street Inn of Newburyport to provide the wall images for itsnewly restored 10 room and conference addition. An Open House viewing and Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held at 9AM on September 20, 2007 at 9 Essext Street, Newburyport.

In November of 2011, The Inn once again used the work of the Spirit of Newburyport to adorn their newly renovated hallway in the main building, to complete the most extensive collection of work to date of Jon-William Brown.

"I would like to take this time to thank Ron Guertin, his wife Barbara, as well as Lori and John Guertin,  for the opportunity to be part of their vision, as well as their work and dedication to their own preservation efforts. To not only have my full collection of Newburyport prints exhibited within the brand new restored confines and  furnished decor settings of the Essex Street Inn is simply a dream come true for me. I hope that the work is view from people all over this country as well as the world for many years to come.

Written in 2008;

    " I would also like to thank Mayor Moak for his continued support of my work, especially his purchase of  the 'Market Square' print last summer which was presented to Senator Kennedy as a 'gift from the city of Newburyport' upon his visit to the city.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported, encouraged, inspired and tolerated, yet loved me over the years , especially my family, friends and co-associates of the 'Spirit of Newburyport' for their continued patronage, work, and dedication to 'the vision', without which would simply not have been possible."

Jon-William Brown
Artist/owner- Spirit of Newburyport Gallery.

In 2008 and 2009, Jon did some design work for the Yankee Landing Marina as well as custom work for the riverside home of Ron and Barbra Guertin. (Pictures soon to follow.) In 2010, Jon photographed their first 'houseboat' and proceeded to design a future depiction of a 'houseboat village'  edition to the marina. Now, once again in 2011, Jon has provided the entrance images in the newly constructed residence at Yankee Landing Marina. (designs to be shown soon.)

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